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Professional Training

Train to speak the speeches or buy a video on the topic of your choice and build a performance of your favorite Shakespeare. Workshops cover everything from an introduction to the play to audition pieces with coaching feedback.

What Actors Are Saying

"The workshops are a road map to the playing of Shakespeare."

~ Karen StephensCarbonell Award-winning actor

Check back here for all upcoming workshops or CONTACT US with your inquiry.

  • What goes on in a ShakesTroupe workshop?
    You begin with a vocal warmup, which includes breathing and sounding exercises focusing on vowel sounds and articulation. Then, you will learn how to break down specific text for clues on how to play a scene or soliloquy. Once you find out what Shakespeare intended, you add your talent to breathe life into the character.
  • What does it cost?
    Workshops are FREE! We are currently offering introductory workshops that are free to audit. It’s the best way to join the company. Please keep in mind, the workshops are not a guarantee for getting cast in a Shakespeare Troupe event or production.
  • Is there a limit to class size?
    15 - To allow everyone full participation
  • Is class primarily lecture or mostly participatory?
    All is participatory, from table work to exercises to practice of lessons.
  • Does this evolve into play readings or performance where memorization is required?
    The practice evolves into Staged Readings where the speaker holds a cue script with their “side" of a scene in hand.
  • Are rehearsals needed away from class or is all the work done in class?
    Actors are encouraged to rehearse outside of class and applauded for all work done in class.
  • Are plays or scenes given to class or are scripts provided by students?
    Speeches and scenes are assigned in class. Usually there's time for a student to bring in extra work they're interested in developing.
  • How do I book a virtual production and workshop for my school or class?
    Simply email us and we’ll send you all the information you need. For more information on the digital content of the virtual shows being offered, please visit our Programs page.
  • How do I participate?
    Contact the Shakespeare Troupe using our Connect page contact form or just email us to discuss your level of commitment.
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